Curious about the marketability of your property? Across the UK, certain types of homes tend to sell faster than others, and this can significantly impact your selling strategy. If you’re currently in the process of selling your home, understanding the popularity of your property’s style can be a valuable marketing tool. So, which home styles are the most sought-after in the UK, and what factors influence a property’s speed of sale? Dive in to discover the key insights.

In-Demand Home Styles

According to most UK data, colonial-style homes stand out as quick sellers, often fetching higher prices than other property types. These homes are prized for their abundant functional living space, offering versatility to homeowners. However, it’s essential to note that market dynamics vary in urban settings. In bustling cities like London and Birmingham, flats tend to dominate the market due to their space-saving attributes and better value proposition in metropolitan areas.

Ideal Home Sizes

Across the UK, three-bedroom properties take the lead as the most popular property type, typically taking only 122 days on average to transition from “for sale” to “sold.” Following closely are four-bedroom properties, which sell within an average of 141 days.

Other Influential Factors

The pricing of a home plays a pivotal role in its speed of sale. Homes perceived as offering good value tend to move swiftly. Properties listed between £200,000 and £250,000, for example, often change hands in approximately 83 days. Homes with higher price tags may experience lengthier sales periods.

Location is another critical determinant of a property’s selling speed. Cities like Liverpool stand out for their swift property sales, with many homes receiving offers in as little as 12 days. Favorable location attributes, such as proximity to quality schools, easy access to transportation hubs, nearby green spaces, restaurants, and shops, tend to reduce a property’s time on the market.

Effective marketing can’t be underestimated. Homes listed with estate agents typically sell faster than those listed by individual sellers. Estate agents have access to extensive marketing platforms, leading to increased showings and broader exposure, ultimately expediting the sale.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of your home’s style, the typical time frame for a traditional market sale falls within four to six months. If you own one of the most sought-after property styles, you could see your property sold in as little as three months. This timeline could shorten considerably if you decide to sell to a cash buyer or a home investment company.

In conclusion, understanding the property types that sell well and considering influential factors such as pricing, location, and effective marketing can help you strategize and expedite the sale of your home.