Are you eager to know how long it takes to sell a house? If you’re the seller, this question is paramount as you aim to swiftly navigate the property market. The timeline of a house sale can vary depending on your chosen selling method and the type of buyer interested in your property. Let’s explore how quickly a house sale can go through and what factors influence the process.

The Fastest House Sale

If you’re seeking the quickest house sale possible, the answer is straightforward. Selling to a cash buyer with no chain involved can be lightning-fast. These experienced UK cash buyers can often complete the purchase within fourteen days or even sooner.

However, if you’re dealing with a cash buyer without prior experience, the process may take a bit longer, typically around a month. New cash buyers might require extra time to assemble their team and finalize the transaction.

The key to the speed of cash sales is the absence of property searches. The timeline for completion primarily depends on the cash buyer’s readiness and familiarity with the market. In most cases, you can expect the sale to close between fourteen days and a month after reaching an agreement.

House Sales with Estate Agents

If you’re wondering about the timeline for a house sale with an estate agent, it’s important to note that while some speed is possible, it won’t match the rapid pace of cash sales. Most house sales facilitated by estate agents involve chains and mortgages, which can extend the process.

A buyer with a chain must wait for their own property to sell before purchasing yours. Additionally, a buyer with a mortgage requires approval from the mortgage company, including a valuation of your property. These factors collectively contribute to a longer timeline.

On average, a house sale through an estate agent may take up to four months to complete, with a more realistic timeframe of around two months.

House Sales with No Chain through Estate Agents

If there’s no chain involved and you’re selling through an estate agent, the process can move faster. In such cases, completion can typically be achieved in just over thirty days, assuming smooth progress with mortgage paperwork and efficient solicitors.

The Bottom Line

The duration of a house sale in the UK varies significantly depending on the selling and buying parties involved. Cash sales and home auctions offer rapid completion, while traditional sales can take longer. Sellers who require a swift sale and cannot wait for the traditional method may benefit from working with a fast cash buyer, such as a home investment company. While the profit may not be as high as desired, the advantage lies in selling the property within days, addressing the urgency for some sellers.